Do you want to make your barren walls live? Do you want them to say global stories? We, at Uniqueon, create world rural stories through the unique art of appliqué that will enable you to make your walls unique and your home a memorable experience for you and your guests. We have a variety of wall hangings that will suit your premium taste. Your home will become an lively place to live in and a tapestry of emotions and reminiscences of experiences you always wanted to enjoy and relish. If you want to live such experiences and let live others when they come to your home, get in touch with us and we will unleash a whole new experience of global rural stories only for you.


Global Rural Stories

Expressions of art should providing voice to the mute walls and creating regional, national and global conversations.

Beyond Value

A piece of art is beyond value. Our art provides concepts and ideas which are premium in nature and moves beyond tangible valuation.

Experiencing premium taste

Each unique artifact should be a premium choice for social appreciation for your possession.

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Sayantani belongs to the cool city in India where mountains form a natural boundary to give warmth to its people and the city. A passionate art visualizer and with a flair of creativity in the DNA, Sayantani's MCA degree did little to affect her passions and goals of life. Passions transformed into profession as Sayantani opened a new chapter in her life of making the walls talk through her unique creations of applique handicrafts. This chapter graduated Sayantani from just a homemaker to create a small independent venture called Uniqueon and unleash her passion of creativity through the medium of cloth and needle. Her creativity speaks a global language, her artistic narratives are vivid and metaphorical and her expressions of art moves beyond the boundaries of time and spaces providing voice to the mute walls and creating regional, national and global conversations. Sayantani's art is an apt testimony where value overtakes price in every artifact, where mute walls become vocal through cultural metaphors and where your joy will transform into delight as you possess each unique artifact making a premium choice for social appreciation for your possession

HOW our clients EVALUATE US

Sayantani is a real talent. Her wall hangings are an excellent piece of art. Very good for your own house as well as gift items. I am certain only recommending Uniqueon.

Mimi Roy
Education Professional, Posted on FB

For the awesome creativity on display.

Samrat Banik
IT Principal Consultant, Cloud Operations, Posted on FB

If u like ...applique Art for decorating your wall .Then Purchase these kind of awesome applique.....

Sushil Das
Deputy Manager, SBI, Posted on FB

Very beautiful creative work... very neat

Angshuman Deb
Creative consultant at Advertising agency, Posted on FB

Nice piece of work and collection by my friend.

Shibabrata Biswas
Lead Programmer, Altran, Posted on FB

Excellnt hand stich, price worthy wall decor. I appreciate her artistic hand work.

Prabir Bibar
Senior Section Engineer(C&W), South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur Division , Posted on FB